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A common problem in cleaning facilities is removing unattractive and unappealing smells.

This can regularly be a problem that organisations operating public spaces approach us with.  They want to make the facility a pleasant place to be but can’t remove lingering smells.

Schools, leisure centres, public washrooms and shared offices are some of the more common facilities where this can be a challenge.

We find that in most cases the root cause is that air fresheners are being extensively used.

Why is this a problem??

Air fresheners work in the area dispersed to remove any odours.  What they do not do is remove the cause of the smell.

What is required is a cleaning agent that will work on the surfaces in the area and also provide a pleasant odour during and after the cleaning process.

Typically, this needs to be a disinfectant solution that is fragranced or that is also a deodoriser.

Our customers favourite chemicals that fall into this category are: 

Candy Disinfectant & Deodoriser - This product can be used as a deodoriser, air conditioner or disinfectant.  We recommend using it as a disinfectant.  That way you will remove the smell and underlying cause.  Candy comes in 5 litre cartons and must be diluted with water at a rate of 1:3.

Ultraviolet Perfumed Cleaner & Disinfectant - Our best-selling cleaning chemical!! Ultraviolet kills 99.99% of all bacteria and passes BS EN 1276.  It is recommended you apply this cleaner to the surface using a cloth, mop or spray, agitate and rinse or wipe it away.  This should be diluted with water at 1 part of cleaner to 40 parts of water.

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