Our Story

PK Safety is a family-run business in South Wales supplying PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), workwear, safety equipment and janitorial supplies to companies and local authorities all over the U.K. We are one big happy family here. We have always been a family-run business right from the year 1973 when Peter and Kelvin first set up as PK Construction. That's what the P & K stand for.

Our Story

Heritage is really important to us. We always remember where we came from; it keeps us grounded.

Our name is the brand. Back in the 70’s & early 80’s in the rolling green hills of the South Wales valleys, the coal industry was alive and kicking. A huge part of the South Wales community, Barry, was the largest port for coal exportation with Cardiff following closely behind.

PK Construction was formed in Cardiff to service this booming industry that is now such a huge part of South Wales history.​

In 1983, PK Construction evolved to PK Safety and began servicing wider industries due to the steady closures of the coal mines and the identification of a need for a reliable supply of PPE.​

From here business grew and grew, until 1999, when larger premises were needed to keep up with the demand and a warehouse in Abercynon was secured.​

Throughout the last 44 years, PK Safety has evolved to meet the needs of its clients and in 2003 we introduced the first heat-seal machine to grow our garment decoration department to meet client needs. This area has seen huge growth with the personalisation of products proving hugely popular across all industries.​

The Here And Now

In 2010 we created a department completely dedicated to garment decoration employing our first seamstress Dawn, who had worked in fashion over the last 30 years. Now we have over 12 machine heads and a growing team as we see the demand for tailored products grow.

Most recently we outgrew our premises and in 2016 secured our current home in Duffryn Business Park. ​

Here we are laying more foundations to ensure we continue with our mission to deliver innovative solutions, with the highest customer satisfaction ensuring every person goes home from work safe and sound.​
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