Our Garment Decoration Process

We offer our customers a full range of branding and garment decoration services.

The garment decoration process

Workwear or protective clothing is a great way of promoting and distributing the organisations brand; it provides great visibility and will build recognition with whoever comes into contact with your workforce throughout the day. 

We can provide embroidery, heat-seal, screen printing and tax-tabbing to a wide range of different clothing options.  We can apply your brand to corporate suits, workwear kits and/or hi-vis waterproof suits. 


Embroidering your logo onto a garment offers a high quality and durable rendering of your brand.  You can get embroidery to the chest (or breast areas); the nape of neck and sleeve areas of your polo-shirt, sweatshirt or softshell jacket.  When your logo is correctly digitised (prepared for embroidery to a garment) it can provide a really visual and high-quality rendition of your image. 


Heat-seal (or heat transfer) logos are a great way to quickly display your brand on large areas of a garment (such as the back of a t-shirt or hi-vis vest/coat).  Being able to use single colour or multi-coloured prints gives our customers even more choice and when used correctly can really enhance a brand.  We recommend heat-seal logos for waterproof (or weatherproof) garments and where cost or speed of delivery are a prime concern for you. 

Screen Printing 

We only recommend you screen print logo’s or designs onto garments when you are dealing with extremely large bulk volumes of garments.  It doesn’t provide as good quality as embroidery or heat-seal but can be time and cost efficient for large orders. 


Where discrete branding is required (for instance on corporate clothing for front-of-house or sales teams) we can provide tax-tabbing.  This is where a tab printed with the client’s logo is sewn onto the garments. 

Our Branding Process 

We work closely with our customers from initial enquiry through to the delivery of their garments to make sure that their brand or message is correctly displayed to their satisfaction.  To achieve this we follow this process with each customer. 

Initial Enquiry 

When a customer gets in touch with a new branding requirement we make sure that we get as much detail as we can about their needs.  We ask for electronic copies of the design (or logo) as well as talking about how the customer wants to display it on their selection of garments.  At this stage we can use the experience we’ve gained to advise the customer on how to display their brand to the best effect. 


The next step is to generate a proof for the customer.  This details what the designs will look like and where they will be placed on the garments.  This will be completed and sent to the client within 1 working day of receiving the enquiry.  After this we require approval from the customer to proceed. 


Once we have received approval, we set-up the customer’s designs on the machinery and software that we use in our in-house facilities in order to complete the work.   

Ready, Set ……. BRAND 

Once the designs and logo’s have been set up on our systems we can decorate the garments for the client. 

Quality Check 

All garments are subjected to at least 2 rounds of inspection by our experienced and passionate Garment Decoration Team to ensure that the branding meets our standards and the requirements of our clients. 


Once all the garments have been approved and packed we send them out for delivery on our network of nationwide couriers. 

We’ll complete an order from initial enquiry to receiving the garments in 12 working days.  We take 2 days to proof and set-up the designs and 10 to complete the garments to our high standards. 

If you want to get in touch to discuss our branding services and how we can work with you to present your brand and team in the best light then call us on 01443 741999 or emails us at sales@pksafetyuk.com.  Alternatively, you can fill out the below form and we’ll get in touch when it suits you. 

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