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How does £50 worth of stock for FREE sound? Sounds good right, check the details below on how you can get £50 worth of stock....its easy!

Video Testimonial form

We're working on growing our video testimonials here at PK Safety, we would love to feature your company in one of our video testimonials, you can find our submission form below.

Videos last no longer than 5 minutes, our dedicated marketing team will arrive on a day and time that suits you, this is a great opportunity to show off your business as well as ours, not only that you may be wondering whats in it for you? well.... how does £50 worth of stock sound? sounds good right, just for taking part in a video testimonial we will reward you with £50 worth of stock, so what are you waiting for, quickly fill the form below and one of our marketing team will be in touch to confirm all your details, it's as easy as that. 



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