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Facilities management is a crucial part of ensuring that a site or , and operational. 

At PK Safety we love working with facilities management teams and contractors to ensure that they have the best possible workwear, protective equipment, and cleaning supplies. 

Our team of account management and customer service contacts work with a wide range of clients across the public and private sectors. We’ve gathered a lot of experience in the requirements of cleaning teams and have created a range of products specifically tailored to provide quality performance, lasting durability, and superior comfort.  

Here’s our pick of 5 favourite products for facilities management teams. 

SoluCLEAN Eco Responsible Cleaning Chemicals 

For teams that want to minimise their environmental impact the SoluCLEAN range is the perfect choice.  Using the SoluCLEAN cleaning chemicals will dramatically reduce the use of plastic within your cleaning operations and free up much needed storage space for other supplies/equipment. SoluCLEAN is a range of cleaning chemicals in powder form; dissolvable sachets are put into water to create the chemical needed. 

Clover Ultra Blend Dilution System 

For large sites where control, consistency and ease of use is paramount. The Clover Ultra Blend system supplies ready-to-use chemicals straight into your trigger spray or bucket. Accessing the chemical is super easy within minimal room for error and managers are provided with complete control over what chemical is used and where it is deployed 

SYR Rapid Mop 

The Rapid Mop is perfect for daily cleaning of lightly soiled hard floors. It has a built-in reservoir for the chemical you use that makes it really easy to clean large spaces. You can use this flatmop with a polycotton or microfibre mop. 

TuffKing Composite Safety Trainer 

This trainer is lightweight, comfortable and completely vegan. Providing protection to the toe and sole as well as a secure grip with a SRC slip resistant rating. It has a breathable upper and is constructed from composite materials to supply ultimate wearer for long periods of time. 

Craghopper Pro-Stretch Trousers

The Craghopper brand is renowned for its durable, comfortable and functional products. The Pro-Stretch trousers are no exception. They are a functional garment with plenty of pockets. The ultimate benefit of this product is its flexibility and comfort, giving the wearer freedom of movement all day long.