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The process of recycling and disposing of waste is an important part of keeping our country clean and attractive, as well as the goal of becoming a more sustainable and environmentally responsible nation. 

It is however also a complicated and, in parts, unpleasant process. 

Where possible most recycling and re-processing organisations and facilities employ machinery and automation to identify, sort and process waste. However, human intervention and interaction is almost always needed at some point.  

Hence the need for a trained, competent, productive, comfortable and protected workforce. 

PK Safety can help teams ensure their operatives are both comfortable and protected and, in the process, significantly increase productivity and effectiveness. 

We work with a wide range of companies throughout the waste and recycling sector, including local authorities, waste collection, and the teams that run sorting and processing plants. We help them get the best protective equipment and workwear products with the least hassle and admin possible. 

Companies work with us to make their lives easier, improve safety and to allow themselves to focus on their operations. 

Over the years we’ve built up a considerable “RECOMMENDED” range of clothing, workwear and equipment for workers and teams operating in the recycling sector. 


Operatives are on their feet all day long and need footwear that is comfortable and durable. 

It also needs to provide the best possible protection and functionality. Many operatives on recycling sites move around from indoor stations to outside regularly so focusing only on comfort will lead to the footwear chosen not being suitable for wet weather conditions 

Some of the most popular styles we provide are the Lightyear range. The Pioneer and Trekker boots are constructed from composite materials and offer unrivalled comfort and protection as well as being water resistant and comfortable in wet and cold weather. The Utility boot improves on this with a completely waterproof lining for extra comfort and durability. 

We also suggest the Comfort Plus Hiker Safety Boot.  This boot is the lightest and most comfortable in our whole range and is rapidly becoming one of our most popular styles.  It offers water resistance as well as excellent slip resistance for the best performance in adverse weather. 


There are a variety of different risks to the hands and arms in waste processing facilities. The most prevalent of which are mechanical risks. These are abrasion, cut, tear, puncture and impact risks. 

For these risks we recommend the Stop'N'Go range of gloves. There are several high protection options available in the range offering excellent dexterity, durability, grip and comfort to the users. 

Stop'N'Go also helps make traffic marshalling and vehicle manoeuvres on your site safer so by using the gloves you’re killing 2 birds with one stone! 


Working conditions at recycling sites can go from hot and humid to cold and windy throughout the year. Workers need appropriate workwear for any weather to keep them comfortable and operating at their best. 

For the summer months we suggest lightweight and breathable clothing such as the Yelland Lightweight Cargo Trousers, the Craghoppers Convertible Trousers, or the Woolacombe Coolvis Plus Polo Shirt. 

For colder and wetter weather, we suggest building up multiple thin layers of garments to create more warmth and to allow for more flexibility in cooling down due to high levels of exertion.  Thermals are a must for many workers. You can also use fleeces, sweatshirts and softshell jackets as well as weatherproof jackets (or anoraks) and overtrousers. 

Respiratory Protection 

The requirement throughout a recycling site for respiratory protection varies massively. Some areas simply require protection from dusts, mists and fumes whereas in others dangerous gases and vapours are involved and high-quality respiratory systems are required. 

For particulate protection we recommend the BLS Zer0 FFP3V disposable face mask. This offers P3 particulate protection with an incredibly low breathing resistance; this means that operatives can wear the masks with greater comfort for longer periods of time than usual, extending the cost the equipment. 

For more advanced protection against gases or vapours the most difficult part is determining what gases you need to protect from. The nature of materials handled at processing sites varies massively. On one site our team worked with the customer had to install an advanced supplied air system from the RPB range as there was no way to control, limit or predict the materials being processed. We always suggest speaking to a supplier like PK Safety to determine what protection you need and what options are open to you before purchasing this kind of protection. 

Eye Protection 

Getting glasses or goggles that provide the right protection can be difficult as well as important. 

We suggest using our guides to eyewear safety markings to help you get the best model. 

Some of our favourite models are the Arafura Plus Anti-Scratch Glasses, the Montana Anti-Scratch Anti-Mist Glasses and the Eiger Wide Fit Goggles. 

Ear Protection 

Specifying the right hearing protection is crucial, you can use our guide to get the best specification for your site. 

At PK Safety we love the Moldex range of ear plugs, bands and defenders. They are high quality and there is enough variety of protection in the range to cater to any need across any site or task. The products are also dispensed in an environmentally conscious manner which is becoming more and more important for many teams. 

Do you want to speak to us about any of these products or a need you have for your recycling site? Get in touch with us on 01443 741999 or at