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Have you ever counted the number of companies that supply PPE, clothing, workwear or cleaning consumables?  

There’s a lot. 

They offer their customers ranges of similar products at competitive pricing and (in most cases) with similar levels of service and customer care. 

But here at PK Safety we want to stand out.  To be different.  We want to provide our customers and the organisations in the sectors we serve with a real reason for buying from us. 

That’s why we introduced our “Stocked Guarantee” 

The “Stocked Guarantee” is just one part of the complete service that sets us apart though. 

It’s a part of a solution that we provide to our customers to make their lives easier.  To remove unnecessary hassle from getting hold of the best protective equipment, workwear and cleaning supplies for your organisation. 

Our “stocked guarantee” fulfils that aim on a procurement/supply front. 

We see another part to this problem. That of correct product selection and use. When companies can’t select and use the right product(s) several things can happen. You may start to lose budget through having to repeat buy high volumes of products not suited to your environment or requirements. Or your cleaning chemicals may not be providing the best workplace hygiene for your workers. Or you may not be providing the best protection to your employees.  This could result in accidents, injuries and/or rising insurance premiums. 

We want to help you avoid any of those outcomes. 

We do this with 3 main promises: 


We make sure that we stay in touch with all our customers regularly, keeping track of their changing requirements and suggesting different products as the need arises.  We also openly share our extensive knowledge of all things safety, clothing and hygiene in our client's industries.   


We use the knowledge and experience of our great team to help our customers make the best choices.  Our communication with customers and contacts throughout the industry means we are more of a partner than a supplier 

Product Ranges 

We source and provide ranges of products that are perfect for the industries we supply.  We run extensive trials and use the feedback to source or develop better products and product ranges.  At the heart of this is our own brand Scorpi. 

Of course, you need to experience these things to know that they really do provide value for you and your organisation.   

That’s why we suggest getting in touch with our team to talk about your needs. 

Call us on 01443 741999.  Email us at  Or you can fill out the below form and we’ll do the calling or emailing!! 

We look forward to speaking 😊