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As the weather gets colder and winter draws in a lot of companies are looking at how they can keep their employees comfortable and warm; especially those who are working outside for long periods of time. 

People often think that they need clothing that is thicker and has more insulation. 

However, we recommend to our customers something slightly different.... 


What is Layering and how does it work?? 

Layering is when you combine the use of several garments to increase worker comfort and warmth. 

For instance, workers could layer a thermal vest, polo shirt, sweatshirt and outdoor jacket. 

This is much more effective at keeping the worker warm than using a polo shirt and very insulative, thick jacket. 


Because in between each separate layer of clothing a small amount of air is trapped. This air heats up and has nowhere to escape through.  All this trapped air results in an insulation around the body that slowly gets warmer and more effective as time passes. 

Layering is also more effective because as the worker gets warm doing any task, they can remove each layer as they need to and still keep a safe and/or comfortable body temperature. 

We suggest that when looking at creating a layered workwear solution you should look at the following “layer levels” 

Upper Body: 

  • Thermal/Base Layer – Great for increasing comfort and also for some workers reducing irritation caused by different materials in the other layers.  Check out our thermal tops. 
  • Inner Mid Layer – Something like a polo shirt or t-shirt works really well here 
  • Outer Mid Layer – Here you can use a sweatshirt or fleece garment to further increase warmth and comfort 
  • Weather Resistant Layer – We suggest using a lightweight waterproof and breathable jacket (like this one) to keep your workers dry and comfortable at all times 

Lower Body 

  • Thermal/Base Layer – A great option for general comfort, warmth and (as with the upper body) avoiding irritation from materials in other garments.  Our thermal leggings are here. 
  • Mid Layer – A pair of functional and sturdy cargo or action trousers work well here 
  • Weather Resistant Layer – For the wet seasons/months/days. Again, we suggest something lightweight, waterproof and breathable. 

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