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Choice of footwear is an important factor in ensuring your team are comfortable and productive. 

The right footwear will set them up to complete their tasks over the working day in comfort and with as little fatigue as possible, reducing the likelihood of strains and muscle tears in the legs, ankles or feet.  

The wrong footwear will cause discomfort, lower morale, decreased productivity and a high chance of injury along with the associated costs, paperwork and time off. 

One part of choosing the right footwear is getting the footwear type right. 

  • Boots – The most common form of safety footwear.  The right boot will supply stability and support to the whole foot and ankle.  Workers whose task involves a lot of walking across uneven or differing terrain should opt for a boot choice. 
  • Shoes – Ideal for managers and/or office workers who don’t do a lot of walking throughout the day.  
  • Trainers – Perfect for indoor workers who need comfort over stability and support.  Trainers typically won’t last long in outdoor working conditions. 
  • Rigger Boots – A popular “legacy” style.  Rigger Boots are easy to don and doff, however they do not provide as much support or comfort as the right safety boot. 
  • Wellington Boots – Ideal for workers in extremely damp/wet conditions.  Only really advisable if the workers foot/leg is in constant contact with water, most safety boots will offer a reasonable to high level of water protection for rainy weather. 

Any choice of safety footwear should be supported by worker trials to ensure that they’re suitable for the workplace and the conditions the operatives work in. 

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