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The customer service we provide to our customers is really important to all of us at PK Safety. 

We strive to make the lives of all the personnel we deal with easier and to remove a little of the hassle of their daily tasks. 

Central to this aim is the way we manage the contracts we supply. Contract (or account management) is a key part of our operational processes and is overseen by our Managing Director (Roy Wells). Our Key Account Managers are responsible for the contract management and support we offer and work with our customer service and technical support teams to ensure that PK Safety provides the best products, service and support. 

Graham Hubbard and Russell Maddox are a vital part of our drive to provide the best service to our customers. 

We thought we’d summarise a day in their lives at PK Safety to show you how they keep our customers happy…. 

The day starts early at 07:00; the first few hours are spent catching up with their messages and attending any necessary operations meetings. Graham and Russell liaise with our operations team to ensure everyone knows the requirements each of our customers has. 

From 09:00 onwards they’re busy in meetings with our customers.  These are either face-to-face or online meetings, whichever suits the client’s needs. 

Site visits are an important part of what Graham and Russell offer our customers.  These meetings allow us to better understand the requirements of the users of the items we supply and also those of other interested parties such as management, purchasing and health & safety teams. This means the products we suggest and quote on are chosen to be well suited to their specific needs. 

Our technical team can also get involved with any meeting where product specific advice is required. Each member of the technical team has a specific area of expertise and is able to help our customers understand the technical aspects of specifying their protective equipment. 

Towards the end of the day Graham and Russell hold meetings with our customer service teams and update our central contract management records. 

If you want to speak to either Graham or Russell about how they can work with you to ensure you get a seamless supply of clothing, workwear, PPE and/or janitorial supplies then contact us on 01443 741999.