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Creating clothing selections that are environmentally responsible is becoming a priority for an increasing number of customers. 

As the effects of climate change and the need for all of us to make positive steps in decreasing our environmental impact become more well known and discussed many organisations are looking at ways in which they can take positive steps. 

Clothing is just one area where the potential for waste is huge. 

From the perceived “throw away” nature of garments to manufacture location and the costs/effects involved with transporting the products to the UK; there are many areas to look at and address with your workwear supplier. 

One simple step can be selecting garments manufactured in the UK or EU. This will reduce transportation emissions and help promote employment that is bound by the higher social and legal standards in the UK and EU. 

Other brands have started introducing garments made from recycled materials. 

We’ve found this is a great way to measurably reduce your carbon footprint as a team or organisation. 

One of the ranges we regularly recommend to our customers is the ECOVIZ range of hi-vis products from LEO Workwear. 

Constructed from recycled plastic bottles. The garments in the ECOVIZ range are durable and built with user comfort in mind. 

Available in a range of designs and for various different purposes/protection/use. 

There is the Rockham and Woolsery Polo Shirts along with the Braunton T-Shirt, these products offer comfortable breathable wicking performance throughout the year. 

In the wet winter months, the Dartmoor Jacket and Northam Salopette offer high performing water resistance and breathability. Alternatively, users can wear the Watertown Coverall for complete waterproof protection. 

When the weather gets colder wearers can layer up with the Tapeley Quarter Zip Sweatshirt. 

The Kingford trousers are designed with comfort and flexibility in mind to increase wearability and durability for the wearers. 

Why not get in touch with our team today to talk about the ECOVIZ products and other garments we can offer to help you reduce the environmental impact of providing your workforce with workwear and protective equipment? 

If you want to get hold of any of these garments to give them a trial then pop your details in the form below and we’ll get in touch to arrange a workplace trial.